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Total Urgency

The Machine rules over the entire world. Created by humans, it now controls them in all domains.

Who oversees it? No one.
It is self-sustaining, diminishing all areas of freedom in the name of progress.
The vicious spiral of artificial intelligence.

Only a handful of alchemists, heirs to the wisdom of the ancients of Egypt, have dared to challenge it.
The Machine eliminated them one by one.
All, except one: John Patmos, the guardian of a temple lost in an Egyptian oasis who, under threat, had run away.

The last soldier of an army reduced to himself. Patmos is the only one, with his shamanic powers, who may triumph over the Machine.

For the Scottish journalist Bruce Reuchlin there is a total urgency: find he who embodies the last hope for humanity.

From Siberia to New York, a terrifying race against the clock.

Author's interview

In 2016 Christian Jacq wrote Sphinx, a contemporary thriller featuring a Scottish journalist, Bruce Reuchlin, ready to risk all to obstruct the diabolical plans of the new masters of technology.

Total Urgency announces the return of this astounding investigator.

It is the most important revolution that humankind has ever seen….

It is worldwide, it shakes up the economy and society, encompasses all ideologies and structures a global government that operates on its own, without anyone – or almost anyone – taking a stand against it.

Artificial intelligence is neither mere progress nor evolution, but rather a radical transformation, and undoubtedly definitive, that generates a virtual world before our very eyes, populated by tamed individuals who, by will or by force, will themselves become artificial.

Today there is no subject more important and more underestimated than this one. And yet all humans are concerned. My pen is the only arm I have to contribute to the struggle against this ruthless Machine that humans created and which might well reduce them, if they don’t find the wisdom of the Ancients, to the state of slaves.

This novel is that of a Total Urgency.

Christian Jacq


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