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The Son of the Taiga
Volume 2 : The White Storm

The sequel to The Son of hte Taiga, the great adventure novel of Nicolas Vanier, on the bestseller list since its publication.

Banished from his clan, Ohio, the young Nahanni Indian, has surmounted the crossing of the terrible Rocky mountains, alone with his dogs, among which Torok, the pack leader, who watches over him better than a friend . . .

On the other side of the mountains, he discovers a country ravaged by war, where the Indians, press-ganged by the Whites, fight each other over the hunting lands and die of unknown diseases. Ohio suffers seeing this brutality. For the first time, he is ashamed to be a son of one of these Whites who make his people die a slow death.

Happily, Ohio has also discovered love, with Mayoké, the young Indian girl in love with the wild life. With her, he dreams of going back one day to his village, of living in peace in the sublime mountains of the Big North. But beforehand, he mustfinish his journey to the East. Ohio goes to Quebec, where he finds a new universe, in the shape of city-life. There he also learns the real and terrifying story of Cooper, his father. Then, crossing the Arctic of the Inuits, which is still spared from the war, Ohio tries to regain the country of Mountains where his mother wages her battle against the white invaders . . . A battle which seems laughable, but who knows what they are capable of achieving together?

With this great adventure story in the style of Jack London, Nicolas Vanier introduces us to a civilisation which is on the verge of dying, this life of Indians and trappers of the XIXth century when man lived in harmony with nature. Nicolas Vanier, who has been travelling for the past twenty years in the nordic countries, is also the author of numerous stories and novels, including The Child of the Snows (South Acts, 1995), The Great Deer (Lattès, 1998) and the White Odyssey (Robert Laffont, 1999).


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