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The new novel by the movie director of “Belle & Sébastien”

1964. Louise and her 10-year-old daughter, Cécile, go to live in a little village in the Cévennes region where a medieval, half-ruined castle is inhabited by a strange character, Victor.

Cécile struggles to make friends with the other children in the village but her life is changed by the arrival of a travelling circus. She is enchanted by the show and meets Poly, a young pony who is being mistreated by the circus owner, Mr Brancalou.

Shocked, she devises a strategy to get the pony out of its fenced enclosure. A relationship of trust grows between the child and the  animal, who are gradually taming each other. Cécile finally has the feeling she has found a friend. A best friend!

Everyone is looking for Poly – the inhabitants of the village, the gendarmes and above all, Brancalou – but Victor is the only one to discover Cécile’s secret: she decided to secretly join her father in Italy to save Poly from Brancalou’s clutches.

A friendship between a child and a pony that survives every trial
A moving and captivating story


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