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The Great Journey
Volume 1 : Mohawks and the People of the North

“You shall travel by earth, stone, water and ice.”

These are the last words that Raian, the old Chief of the Nahanni says to Mowhawks, his sixteen year old great-grandson before sending him off on:

The Great Journey!

The greatest mission there is. Very rarely undertaken, it is almost never completed. Among the obstacles on his path – and not a small one – is love, a paralyzing obstacle. And the road is long… The new Zuhis, the Traveler must bring the different tribes together, and recreate the bond unites and brings strength to the Nahannis. Everyone awaits his return and he must not delay. A threat hangs over the people who live in the uppermost corner of the Earth…

Mowhawks is leaving on a journey that will last 48 moons. By canoe, on horseback, by dogsled, he will reunite the different villages by relentlessly travelling across the taiga, the tundra, and the floe.
He will learn many things from each the tribes…and from the women he meets. He will lose his way, and risk losing sight of his goal…

But the Traveler is strong, passionate and brave, and he will not give up…

When he is not off exploring the Arctic, Nicolas Vanier lives in the Loire Valley with his wife and two children,. He is the author of many travel books and adventure novels, amongst which Gold in the Snow is currently being adapted for the big screen. His four previous novels published by XO have all been best-sellers.


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