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Frozen Memories

“I love finding myself weeks, even months worth of marching away from any road, from the closest village. To become part of the land, become one with the animals which inhabit it. To no longer be an observer, but an actor, among all those who play a part in the great adventure of life, in this distant nature, a place of unforgettable encounters.”

Nicolas Vanier
After twenty years of trekking in the high lands, Nicolas Vanier returns to his fabulous voyages across Siberia, the great wide open spaces of Canada, Alaska, and Lapland. With humour, self-depreciation and sometimes anger, he brings us the tale of his adventures, alone, with his family, or in a team, with Indians, Inuits, or trappers. His incredible, funny, moving or surprising stories are always riche with information: facing down wolves, hunting caribou, an Indian shaman’s visions, the cold, the bears, the amazing understanding between him and his dogs…

But as we follow his memories, we see he brings us much more than this: he gives us his view of the world, of nature, of the unwise fights we have to get into, of the urgency to endlessly degrade the nature that he loves and knows so well. What better way to convince us than to take us into the heart of those sublime and unknown territories, where a man’s imprint fades when faced with that of majestic nature?


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