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A Night with no dawn

The Catskill mountains, in Upstate New York.  In the mildness of the Indian summer, young man is walking across a bridge when a car comes straight at him and hits him.

A plush house in Western France. In the middle of the night, Catherine receives a call from a stranger. He tells her that her 28-year-old son Alexis is in a coma. The stranger has already bought two tickets to New York and offers to come and pick her up. Who is this man?  What is he hiding from her?

Catherine and the stranger do not know each other but they have no other choice: they have to trust each other. The beginning of a long journey along the road of truth. At the end of a night that seems to never end.

With A Night with no dawn, Benoit d’Halluin delivers a powerful debut novel about family secrets, the acceptance of difference and the challenges of love. A novel full of suspense and passion which tells the desires and uncertainties of contemporary life. 


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