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Of Dogs and Snow
6 000 km à travers Sibérie, Chine et Mongolie

6,000 km through Mongolia, China and Siberia.

Ravenous lover of the Far North, Nicolas Vanier takes us on an extraordinary adventure through the wildest of territories, from the Pacific coast of Siberia, through China and Mongolia to the frozen banks of Lake Baikal.

In order to reach Lake Baikal, Nicolas and his dogs have to face thousands of difficulties and solve just as many problems such as enduring an average temperature of -50 °C, bearing terrible blizzards in the frozen stretches, avoiding numerous pitfalls in the ice, maintaining the good health of his dogs…

A dangerous adventure that is interspersed with fantastic encounters with the trappers, fishermen and nomads who continue to live in perfect harmony with nature and mythical animals such as the Manchurian tiger and the snow leopard.

And, above all, a unique bond is developed between Nicolas and his dogs. The passion that enabled them to achieve this unprecedented exploit is at the heart of this fabulous expedition.


Foreign versions

Translated into 3 languages

  • Germany: Piper/Malik
    Italy: Sperling & Kupfer
    Russia: Hemiro

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