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Objective: The North Pole by Night

After Conquering the Impossible, Mike Horn takes us on a journey into darkness and ice that defies reason.

“In front of us gaped the mouth of Hell. An endless night, abysses of cold where no human being can survive… where nothing has ever ventured. A terrifying, blind chasm. There is nothing but shadows and black water, ready to swallow us up if we are presumptuous—or crazy—enough to take another step.”

Mike Horn attempts the most dangerous adventure of his life: reaching the North Pole in winter, without help or fresh supplies. Two months’ crossing in total darkness, treading on ice that is frighteningly thin and haunted by polar bears, where mountains of gigantic blocs alternate with expanses of icy black water. Because no one could accomplish this feat on his own, they are two: Mike, the explorer ready to accept any challenge, and Borge Ousland, the legendary Norwegian for whom ice fields and floes hold no secrets. How are these two extreme adventurers going to survive, constantly flirting with death in this hostile, inhuman environment where every meter gained is a struggle against the elements, where the life of one is continually in the hands of the other?

By always pushing back their own limits, Mike Horn and Borge Ousland became the first to achieve the impossible.


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