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Over The Walls

Paris, 1930.

Paul had only known one and the same horizon: the high walls of the orphanage, an austere building in the working class Parisian suburbs.

But then one day he is taken in by a joyful country lady, Célestine, and her husband Borel, the rather strict gamekeeper of a vast domain in Sologne.

The city kid, rebellious and stubborn, arrives in this mysterious world, that of a sovereign and wild region.

The immense forest, the ponds, the crops, everything here belongs to Count de la Chesnaye, a taciturn widower who lives alone in his mansion. The Count tolerates poachers on the domain but Borel relentlessly tracks the cleverest one of them, who goes by the name of Totoche, without ever catching him red-handed.

In the heart of Sologne, with the notorious Totoche, Paul will learn about life, nature and its secrets and will learn how to catch fish, hunt game, and gather mushrooms, plants…

But Paul hasn’t come into this unknown universe by chance…..

By the author and director of Belle and Sebastien.


First Edition, May 2017


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