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With this fast-paced, adventure-filled novel, Nicolas Vanier takes us on a journey into breathtaking, unkown territories.

Touched by the sight of a wolf mother playing with her cubs, Serguei knows his is breaking a law centuries old of his nomad tribe. His is face to face with wolves, reindeer killers, his ageless ennemies. He is forced by his role as future tribe leader to slaughter them all without a second thought. However, from his carefree, seventeen year old perspective, Serguei tells himself he has all the time in the world to do this. He doesn’t think for a second his life is about to change radically as a consequence.

The young Even has just entered the circle of the wolves.

Because of this betrayal, Serguei is renounced by his father, and banished from his tribe. He must now learn to survive on his own in the frozen desert of Siberia. But when he sees arrive a group of men without conscience, come from the all-powerful West, and threaten the survival of his people, the young man has a single thought in mind: how to save his people, and the woman he loves. Alone against modern day pirates, will Serguei manage to prevent the annihilation of his tribe?

An extraordinary adventure in the heart of the Siberian Great North, between an ancient world ruled by the laws of nature, and modernity, which threatens to destroy it all.


Foreign versions

Sold in 3 languages

  • China: Chiangjiang Literature and Art
    Korea: Korean Broadcasting
    Russia / Ukraine: Family Leisure Club (Bertelsmann)

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