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The Venetian Lionesses
Volume 2

“Think back to the first volume of The Venetian Lionesses. In October 1627, Lucia, the young and mischievous Venetian, helplessly watched as fire engulfed her modest family’s print shop. The day before, a formidable spy, Isabella, had come in to have a strange engraving reproduced. Lucia thus began a frantic quest to find the truth…I will deliver this truth to you at the beginning of this second volume before transporting you three years later to the country of the musketeers…”

Mireille Calmel

Paris, 1631. 
Three years have already passed since Lucia left Venice. Three years that she has been trying to rebuild the life that was stolen from her.
Has she succeeded?
Lucia has recreated a print shop. Among her clients is Aramitz, one of the king’s musketeers. She can also count on the friendship of the great Coësre, the mysterious prince of the Court of Miracles.
And yet…
At the corner of a crowded alley a voice rings out. It is Isabella, the Venetian courtesan who caused her family so much misfortune.
Isabella, in Paris…the vice is tightening.
Involved in a plot against the Cardinal of Richelieu, she knows that the fight will be merciless. Lucia, however, proves to be an incredible fighter.
A lioness.

Lucia and Isabella confront the ghosts of their past in the mazes of a disturbing and mysterious Paris.


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