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The Golden Woman
The Miraculous Life of Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsout

“You were made to reign, my daughter…”

Hatshepsut is one of the most famous queens of Egypt, whose life was a series of miracles that would give her a legendary place in history. The beautiful, intelligent daughter of Tuthmosis, she
becomes regent of the kingdom after the death of her husband, Tuthmosis II, and is then appointed Pharoah while her son, Tuthmosis III, is too young to reign. For the first and only time, Egypt has two kings at the same time: a woman and a child.

By carrying out the Supreme Role, Hatshepsut becomes Man, without losing any of her femininity. Married to Egypt, for 15 years she safeguards its power and prosperity.

With the help of her astronomer friend Senenmut, she foils all conspiracies. All that remains is for her to fulfil her finest dream: to discover the great secret of alchemy that will make her into the golden woman…

“Following her father’s teachings, Hatshepsut fulfills her own destiny. Faced with this being of light, this female sun, this woman with a golden face, her childhood friend Senenmut knows that she will henceforth be forever unreachable. Yet he will always love her.”


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