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The Mysteries of Osiris
Volume 4 : The Great Secret

The great secret of resurrection finally disclosed.

The Annunciator, unrecognizable and dressed up as a priest, is now hiding in the heart of Abydos. He plans to murder the young Iker in order to destabilize Pharaoh Sesostris for good and to seize the power on the whole Egypt.

Sesostris knows he is threatened, but he ignores where the enemy is going to strike. His daughter Isis married Iker and both of them are very happy even if aware of the imminence of danger too…

Isis expends boundless ingenuity to keep watch on the priests officiating in the temple, hoping to find out a possible plot. And Iker is given by the king the responsibility of preparing the celebration of the Mysteries of Osiris.

But they don’t have much time, for one of them has to die. Only then, everything possible will have to be done for the gods to disclose to the living the Great Secret of resurrection, Isis’ secret who knew how to refuse her husband Osiris’ death. But they will have to respect the ritual prescriptions disclosed by the temples’ texts and to get over the Quest’s stages…

After forty years of studies and passion about Ancient Egypt, Christian Jacq ends with The Great Secret the Mysteries of Osiris series. Mysteries that were in the heart of Egyptian thought and Pharaonic civilisation.


The Mysteries of Osiris is a combination of the ingredients responsible for its huge success: suspense, mystery, adventure…”
Oh La!

“A thrilling affair to be continued!”
Télé Loisirs

“The author drags you in a true police investigation which outcome is nothing but the secret of eternal life.”
Ici Paris


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