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The Ultimate Secret

In Search of the Ultimate Secret of Tutankhamun,
The Famous Golden Masked Pharaoh

Cairo, 1951.

King Farouk, a cruel and corrupt tyrant, reigns over Egypt.
The last descendant of the great priests of Amon, meanwhile, reveals a shattering secret to Mark Wilder, a brilliant american lawyer.

Mark is the concealed son of Howard Carter, the famous archeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and the priceless marvels it contained. Beyond death, the father he never knew left him a mission: discover the ultimate secret of Tutankhamun, and find the real treasure, which remains hidden.

The mission is dangerous: no archive mentions it, archeologists deny its very existence, mystical forces unleash themselves to protect it. Since the tomb was opened, anyone’s attempts at finding it have been in vain, and its existence has become a legend, like the curse that follows all those who disturb the Pharaoh’s eternal slumber…

Helped by a young Copt girl, whith whom he falls desperately in love, Mark enters the turmoil that spreads through Egypt, where the good magic of the Pharaohs is on the verge of disappearing completely, leaving the modern era defenceless against the forces of Evil.

After his series, renowned the world over, translated into more than 30 languages, and sold at close to 27 million copies, Christian Jacq brings us a romantic, fast paced adventure, in which he paints scenes magically illuminated with an Egyptologist’s knowledge of the novel’s setting.


Foreign versions

Sold in 14 languages : 

  • Brazil: Bertrand
  • China: Shanghai Translation
  • Czech Rep.: Euromedia
  • Finland: Gummerus
  • Germany: Blanvalet / Random House
  • Hungary: Europa
  • Korea: Erum
  • Netherlands: Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • Norway: Historie & Kultur
  • Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
  • Romania: Rao
  • Spain: Planeta
  • Turkey: Dogan
  • UK: Simon & Schuster

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