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Cleopatra’s Last Dream

For the first time, the legendary love story and power struggle
between Cleopatra and Caesar as told by Christian Jacq.

Queen at age 18, Cleopatra dreamed of reforming her country, only to be exiled by her young, power-hungry brother. In exile, her destiny was to die in despair, far from her kingdom.
But Cleopatra would not accept this destiny.
She makes it her goal to recover the jewel of Alexandria whilst the Orient is on fire and at arms in the bloody battle led by Caesar and Pompey. Then Cleopatra, a young, highly-educated and breathtakingly beautiful woman, meets Caesar, the conqueror of all conquerors who seduces with wit and irresistible charm.

The two fall madly in love and become the most powerful couple in the world. They are determined to bring Egypt back to its former splendor. With the mythical Hermes as her guide, Cleopatra the Greek becomes Cleopatra the Egyptian. A crazy dream pushes her forward: restoring the Egyptian throne.

Their passionate love thus superposes a new political reality, putting an end to years of crisis and conflict: East and West come together and prosperity returns.


Foreign versions
  • Czech Republic: Motto
    Israel: Keter
    Italy: TEA
  • Macedonia : Toper
    Poland: Znak
    Spain: Planeta
  • Romania: Allfa
    Russia: Family Leisure Club
    Taiwan: Linking Publishing

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