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The Cathar She-Wolf
Volume 2

  1. Montmartre Abbey.

For two years, beautiful, brazen Griffonelle has been languishing in her convent.  Far from the young king who is passionately in love with her as well as the legendary gold mine in Cathar country to which she holds the secret.

While the king, determined to seize the incredible treasure, prepares to launch a last attack on the fortress of Cabaret, Griffonelle escapes from her prison and manages to reach the Black Mountain.

However, she is not the only one to be awaiting vengeance…

In the entrails of the mountain, a faceless man is biding his time.  The time when the present will meet the resurfaced past in a terrible clash with the Cathar She-Wolf…

Suspense, love, plot twists
Readers will be spellbound up until the spectacular finale


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