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The River of Souls

Can an impossible love be renewed beyond time?

Maud, a successful novelist about to turn 40, is suffocating under the weight of a secret. In the past few weeks, her life, so full and rich, seems to be cracking. She hears a voice in her head, a man’s voice. But who can she talk to about this? Everyone will think she’s crazy.

In a large Paris hospital, Vincent, a brilliant neurologist, tries to understand why he is unable to forget an unknown woman he noticed in a department store.

At the other end of Paris, a man is killing red-headed prostitutes with unheard-of savagery at night.

Maud, Vincent and the killer: three paths in life that converge inexorably—three destinies that have already provoked passion and drama, long ago in the Middle Ages when they encountered each other in a castle.

If they want to conjure up this past, Maud and Vincent will have to choose to confront their fears and fight against their demons. To survive, but above all to gain confidence and the love of the being who, beyond time, is destined for them.

After her historical novels Aliénor’s Bed (whose readers will recognize one of the keys in this new book), The Ball of the She-Wolves and Lady Pirate, which have sold nearly two million copies and been translated in more than ten countries, Mireille Calmel gives us The River of Souls, a magnificent contemporary love story coupled with a breathtaking mystery.


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Sold in 2 languages

  • Romania: Rao Books
    Slovakia: Ikar Publishers

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