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The Girl of the Knight Templars
Volume 1

The New Historical Saga by Mireille Calmel

Discover the incredible story of the curse of the Knight Templars…

It all begins in 1314 when Jacques de Molay, the last great master of the Knight Templars is burned in public by order of the King, Phillippe le Bel. While the man is suffering, a dove places a strange message in the King’s hands: he and all his heirs will be condemned for this crime. It is the merciless curse.

Eight years later, the new king, Charles IV is warned by his advisors: his mistress, the formidable Jeanne de Dampierre, may have a link with the Order and would want his death. Three princes in the French court have already been stricken by the curse. A counter attack must be organized – and fast. Before dying Philippe le Bel had uttered a name: Flore Dupin…a simple country girl. In the race against the clock, the investigation focuses on this young women unknown to all.

But who really is Flore? What is the meaning of the birthmark on her stomach which she will learn is identical to the Roman Seal of the grand master of the Knight Templars? What link, especially, does this peasant have with the King’s mistress, Jeanne de Dampierre? Behind these two women an enemy shadow advances, ready for revenge…

Flamboyant heroines, beautiful and fiery, who face their destiny with force and determination
An exhilarating historical thriller, with breathtaking action and surprises galore

Under the watchful writing of Mireille Calmel, the curse of the Knights Templar takes out everything in its path…


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