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Richard the Lionheart
Volume 1 : Saladin's Shadow

After two volumes on Eleanor of Aquitaine, this is the first in a new series by Mireille Calmel. Richard the Lionheart, both warrior and poet, springs back to life through Calmel’s magical pen.

1189. A new king dons the crown on England. He is called Richard the Lionheart. His team of confidants includes his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, widow of Henry Plantagenet and Eloin Rudel, his lover and mistress and by their old friends. Yet it anlso includes the power of the three swords of the legend of Avalon: Excalibur, Marmiadoise and Durendal.

Will their light be enough to stave off the betrayal and lies of John Lackland, the youngest of the Plantegenets in England or Saladin, commander of the Infidels who is quickly gaining power in the East? Under the watchful eye of Loanna de Grimwald, the only crusade to battle against his enemies in the shadows will be one of courage, love, and abnegation. Without fail.


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