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Richard the Lionheart
Volume 2 : The Knights of the Grail

1191. For the last two years, the men of the third crusade wage a bloody and heated fight to free Jerusalem from Saladin. While Philip Augustus has just returned to France, Richard the Lionheart, left alone at the head of the armies, decides to massacre the prisoners he was supposed to exchange with Saladin. A mad thing to do, particularly since it destroys his chances of getting back his loved one, taken prisoner by the sultan.

Far from England, so coveted by his brother, John Lackland, Richard sees only one solution: make sure the armies get along so they are victories in the Holy Land and try to understand his unreasonable decision.

But how could he have imagined that the Old Man of the Mountain holds the powers of the Black Grail making him, more than Saladin, a threat to all of Christendom?

As battles rage, the mythical swords Mariadoise, Durandal and Caliburnus are reunited to become even more powerful than kings.

Only Eloin, with the help of her mother Loanna de Grimwald and the knights of the Grail, can shed light into the shadows and bring prestige back to the king’s heart.

A gripping epic where love, wensuality and magic mix with the most mythical of quests.

The Knights of the Grail is the second volume of Mireille Calmel’s newest medieval fantasy cycle. The author’s spellbound pen, fed with abundant historical documentation, brings Richard the Lionheart and the fabulous epic of the Third Crusade back to life.


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