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Mireille Calmel

When she was nine years old, the doctors thought Mireille Calmel would die. It was when she was in hospital, battling with a serious and incurable disease, that she began to write. And when, as an adolescent, she finally made a full recovery, Mireille had only one thought : to live, as fully as possible. Since then the need to write has never left her. She has written songs, novellas, stories, and plays, one of which, a play for adolescents, won a prize. She has sung at country dances, organised a theatre festival, and put on productions at theatres throughout France.

In 1995, when she was penniless, she began to write Eleonor’s Bed. Five years later, she sent the manuscript to Bernard Fixot, with whom she signed her first contract. It was a huge success: almost a million copies sold throughout the world. Then came whith success the next two sagas: The House of the Wolves (2003) and Lady Pirate (2005)

Mireille Calmel lives in Aquitaine.

She has published a total of 9 novels with XO, all of which have been best-sellers.


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