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Eleanor, One Last Kiss before the Silence

The last and final volume that masterfully ends Mireille Calmel’s saga about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart.

1204: John Lackland, who holds absolute rule over England, decides to erase every memory of his brother, the illustrious and deceased Richard the Lionheart.

One woman, however, remembers. Eloin Rudel, the high priestess of Avalon, who was his hidden companion and the mother of his children. Concealed in the heart of the Broceliande Forest with her daughter and hounded by John as a witch, she is determined to reveal the truth about her dealings with Saladin, the legend of the Holy Grail, her encounter with Merlin, John’s plots and the death of Richard. A testimony that brings new and unexpected light to the events as written by her mother, Loanna of Grimwald.

A testimony that might just be her last chance of survival against John, at a time when, in Fontevalt, the great Eleanor is trying to perpetuate Plantagenet rule by marrying her granddaughter Blanche de Castile to the French heir.


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