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Horemheb, the return of light

The extraordinary destiny of a scribe who became Pharaoh

Horemheb contemplated the Great Royal Wife, haloed by the golden light of the setting sun. An almost unreal beauty.
– Come on, she demanded, getting up.
Squeezing her hand very hard, she took him to the edge of the terrace.
– What can you see, my king?
In the light of the West, the shapes of the pyramids erected by the pharaohs of the golden age were outlined.
– Our ancestors built eternity, said the queen, and we must continue their work. What Akhenaton tried to destroy, you need to strengthen!

In the city of the sun of Akhenaten, Horemheb is a royal scribe, with no particular power. At the death of Akhenaten, thanks to his talents as a strategist, he avoids a civil war between the supporters of Aton, the unique God, and the followers of the return to tradition.
Under the reign of the young Tutankhamun, Horemheb was appointed commander-in-chief of an army that no longer exists and that he is reforming. He manages, both by diplomatic and military means, to avoid an invasion of the Hittites, the ancestors of the Turks. On the death of Tutankhamun, victim of an Atonian plot, the young widow of the latter tries to sell the country to the Hittites. Horemheb prevents disaster by removing the Hittite prince who came to marry the traitor. It is not he who succeeds Tutankhamun, to whom he was always loyal, but Aÿ, an old courtier, whose program is to do nothing. Four years of immobility and degradation.
At the death of Aÿ, Horemheb, whose first wife was the victim of an attack, finally becomes pharaoh. He is fortunate enough to marry a remarkable Great Royal Wife, who has the same sense of the state as he does. Horemheb constantly fights against the Azeri party that wants to regain power and that will stop at nothing to achieve it. He will nevertheless manage to overcome these plots and jolts in the end.
Author of religious, economic and social reforms, Horemheb reestablished a golden age, as testified by his tomb of the Valley of the Kings.


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