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I Built the Great Pyramid

Christian Jacq invites us to share the extraordinary adventure of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the last of the Seven Wonders of the World that is still visible, by following in the footsteps of a young stonemason who becomes a genius constructor.

Twenty years of adventure transfused with danger, during which the narrator encounters the most arduous of challenges, but also indestructible friendship and passionate love.

Born 5000 years ago in the South of Egypt, the young man should have remained a peasant. After fighting against a local tyrant he flees to escape prison. He was lucky enough to be hired on the construction site of the Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau.

He allows us to follow each step of this prodigious architectural epic, he tells us the technical secrets of its construction, the daily lives of the 2000 workers present on the site and his love for a mysterious woman…

For his latest novel Christian Jacq delved into the most recent research done on the Great Pyramid.


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