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The Judgement of the Mummy

When the vibrant London of the 19th century discovers
through crime the civilisation of the pharaohs…

London, 1821.

An extraordinary event has attracted the attention of London’s aristocratic milieu: Upon his return from Egypt, the adventurer Giovanni Belzoni organises the first exhibition dedicated to Egyptian art, and is preparing to remove in public the bandages of an amazing mummy. There is a collective intake of breath in the assembly: the body is so well preserved, so perfect, it almost seems to be alive…

The startling sight makes for a good scandal: a hysterical pastor demands the destruction of this pagan relic, an old Lord wants to feed it to his dogs, a medical examiner wants to keep the body in order to study this fascinating phenomenon. However, the following night, the mummy disappears… And the pastor, Lord and medical examiner are assassinated!

The country’s top police officer, inspector Higgins, is charged with the investigation. For him, the prime suspect is none other than… the mummy itself! He is also convinced that the revolutionary plot that is simmering in the poorest boroughs of London and the disappearance of the mummy are closely linked.

With the help of the ravishing lawyer, Lady Suzanna, will inspector Higgins manage to solve the mystery, before the inevitable trial of the mummy?


Foreign versions

Sold in 3 languages : 

  • Czech Republic: Argo
  • Hungary: Europa
  • United Kingdom: Simon & Schuster

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