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The Mysteries of Osiris
Volume 3 : The Path of Fire

The secret of resurrection and eternal life…

Iker, the young scribe, has finally understood that, by hounding Pharaoh Sesostris through hatred, he had taken the wrong target, for the enemy is elsewhere. He’s now become Royal Son, a unique title given by Pharaoh himself who has decided to adopt him.
The enemy, the one who goes fiercely and relentlessly at the tree of life, is the Annunciator, that evil who is rallying troops close to the borders to invade Egypt and destroy it.

Sesostris has just entrusted Iker with a particularly dangerous mission: he has to enter Canaan to find out the Annunciator’s den pretending he is a sympathizer of the terrorists… Iker knows that he may risk death, especially since, very quickly, wrong Annunciators appear to him while the real one, hidden in Nubia, is preparing a huge flood able to destroy the country for good. Meanwhile, a terrible terrorist network, settled in Memphis, organizes particularly savage attacks.

Who ever could save Egypt? Sesostris, whose power is growing weaker because of this every day barbarity? Iker who goes relentlessly into action to prevent the traitor from succeeding? Or Isis, the beautiful priestess, who will perhaps find deep in her own heart the way to calm down the spirit of the Nile?


The Mysteries of Osiris is a combination of the ingredients responsible for its huge success: suspense, mystery, adventure…”
Oh La!

“A thrilling affair to be continued!”
Télé Loisirs

“The author drags you in a true police investigation which outcome is nothing but the secret of eternal life.”
Ici Paris


Foreign versions

Sold in 19 languages

  • Brazil: Bertrand Brasil
    Czech Republic: Alpress
    Croatia: Enigma
    Denmark: Borgens
    Finland: Gummerus
  • Germany: Random House
    Greece: Patakis
    Hungary: Europa
    Italy: RCS quotidiani
    Korea: Munhakdongne
  • Poland: Bertelsmann
    Portugal: Bertrand Editora
    Romania: Rao
    Russia: AST
    Slovenia: Ucila
  • Slovakia: Ikar
    Spain: Planeta
    Taiwan: Rye Field
    UK: Simon & Schuster

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