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The Mysteries of Osiris
Volume 1 : The Tree of Life

The secret of resurrection and eternal life…

For it is not a tree like any other: it has grown out of the tomb of the first king of Egypt, the God Osiris assassinated by his brother, to prove to the king’s fellow men his victory over death.

Nourished with water and milk by the priests, the acacia guarantees happiness on earth. If it dies, it can only mean that evil forces are conspiring to obliterate Egypt.

The great pharaoh Sesostris III immediately undertakes a strategic and magical battle against his invisible enemy. But he is unaware that in his most intimate circle there lies hidden a traitor, a man who dreams of power and privilege, a man who will sell himself to the dark powers… A young apprentice scribe, Iker, becomes a quite involuntary actor in this mystery. Kidnapped by sailors who invoke a “Secret of State”, the youth does not know who is trying to kill him, nor for that matter who is protecting him. Haunted by the vision of a sublime young priestess, Iker has the impression of being guided or manipulated, in any event of following a path without knowing where it will lead him. But from trial to trial, from discovery to discovery, the young scribe comes closer to the extraordinary destiny which the gods have assigned to him.

Will the two of them, Iker and Sesostris, the weak and the powerful, the innocent and the wise one, the scribe and the Pharaoh, manage to stop Osiris from dying for the last time – never to sprout life again?

A voyage of initiation and a police investigation, but also a battle between the forces of evil and those of harmony, The mysteries of Osiris tells of the magical and fascinating genesis of an Egypt full of unequalled artistic riches, full of spiritual mysteries yet to be fathomed. Through the four volumes of this new saga, guided by Christian Jacq, by the great Pharaoh Sesotris III and by the young scribe Iker, the reader will proceed towards a major discovery : the secret of resurrection and eternal life.

A complementary illustrated album, Abydos or the Mystery of the resurrection, is given to every purchaser of the first volume.

Author's interview

Just as with Ramses, it took me twenty years before I decided to write this book – one of the most important in my life, because what I wanted to do in it was to explain one of the reasons behind Egypt’s eternal fascination.

That reason can be found in the story of Osiris, who remains our model of the Egyptian king. It was he and his wife, Isis, who revealed and gave us all our values, our arts, and our techniques. But Osiris fell victim to his brother Seth, whose envy and jealousy led him to murder.

His wife Isis, however, refused to accept his death: « Death is a disease that can be cured… », she says.

According to her teaching, not only is death not the end, but it is possible to come back to life. On condition that one respects the prescribed rituals revealed in the temple texts, and that one scrupulously follows every step of the process.

This process is, of course, a laborious one, and to describe it I decided to do what I usually do : write a sort of murder mystery, where men and gods struggle with one another in their search for the « Great Secret » : the secret of resurrection.

If the gods allow it, I will reveal the « Secret » in the fourth and last volume.

Christian Jacq


The Mysteries of Osiris is a combination of the ingredients responsible for its huge success: suspense, mystery, adventure…”
Oh La!

“A thrilling affair to be continued!”
Télé Loisirs

“The author drags you in a true police investigation which outcome is nothing but the secret of eternal life.”
Ici Paris


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