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The Mysteries of Osiris
Volume 2 : The Conspiracy of Evil

Evil keeps on setting against Eternal Egypt…

Despite the will of Pharaoh Sesostris who had a temple and a whole city built, despite the efforts of the generals who are looking — in vain — for the guilty one, despite the everyday incantations and care of the queen and of the seven Hathor priestesses, the locust tree of Abydos is dying… But the most mysterious of these priestesses, the one that haunts the young scribe Iker’s nights since he saw her during the harvest fair, has an idea: to rescue the “tree of life”, a new pyramid dedicated to Oriris has to be built in Dashur… Pharaoh agrees, they find together the best place, and the construction work is about to begin.

But none of them knows that a double plot against Sesostris is in the making. First, the Annunciator, this Evil with a beard preaching to the desert tribes in order to propagate a new religion has decided to seize power by having the master of Egypt murdered. And then, at the Royal Court, Medes, a traitor heading for ruin has no other solution but to kill his own benefactor. But Pharaoh is hardly alone, till that very day…

Egypt is pacified, all the province chiefs have sided with Sesostris, the warden of the Memphis palace has slightly relaxed: murderers sneak into the desert corridors… when Iker himself slips out of the shadow! Iker still looking for the one who once wanted him dead. Iker the ingenuous one to whom evil geniuses have whispered ideas of revenge. Iker who won’t stop at nothing, holding a sharp knife and moving forward silently, when a loud voice tells him: “Come in, I was waiting for you!”

Pharaoh is standing here, right in front of him. He welcomes him like a son. And Iker, hesitant, deeply distressed, doesn’t know yet that his incredible story is just beginning…


The Mysteries of Osiris is a combination of the ingredients responsible for its huge success: suspense, mystery, adventure…”
Oh La!

“A thrilling affair to be continued!”
Télé Loisirs

“The author drags you in a true police investigation which outcome is nothing but the secret of eternal life.”
Ici Paris


Foreign versions

Sold in 19 languages

  • Brazil: Bertrand Brasil
    Czech Republic: Alpress
    Croatia: Enigma
    Denmark: Borgens
    Finland: Gummerus
  • Germany: Random House
    Greece: Patakis
    Hungary: Europa
    Italy: RCS quotidiani
    Korea: Munhakdongne
  • Poland: Bertelsmann
    Portugal: Bertrand Editora
    Romania: Rao
    Russia: AST
    Slovenia: Ucila
  • Slovakia: Ikar
    Spain: Planeta
    Taiwan: Rye Field
    UK: Simon & Schuster

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