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The Five people I met in heaven

A novel that makes you feel at peace with life.

Five people you met while you were alive are waiting for you in heaven. Their destiny is closely connected to yours, although you don’t necessarily know them. Those five meetings, beautiful or terrible, will illuminate the invisible strings that bind us all together.

Not realizing it, the old Eddie, in charge of fixing rides at an amusement park, is taking his first steps up there. Meeting by meeting, he will discover the keys of truth before eventually heading into a beneficial eternity.

“We all have our own idea of heaven. I wrote this story so that people who may have thought their life was meaningless could instead understand how wrong and how loved they have been.”


“A book with the genuine power to stir the reader while comforting him.”
Janet Maslin, The New York Times

“Albom has done it again. The Five People you Meet in Heaven is amazingly powerful.”
Time Magazine

“Albom has the ability to make you cry in spite of yourself.”
The Boston Globe


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