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The true taste of ripe tomatoes

“So we agree on that?” All that I miss so much. The common sense of the past, uprightness, words handed down, sharing, naked truth.

Call me backward looking? No at all. On the contrary…

The future can only be written by rebuilding the foundations of a crumbling society. A society wasted by money talk, blind destruction of nature, of our dreams, of our enthusiasms; a society undermined by selfishness and fear.

And love will be cement.
Try to regain confidence, desire, indulgence, smile, kindness, all our politeness …
… and the true taste of ripe tomatoes.”

Patrick Sébastien

In this troubled world, where we forgot the core of human relationships, such as respect or attention to the other, Patrick Sébastien speaks to us about everything that gives meaning to our lives with poetry and humor.

The profession of invigorating faith by an unconditional optimist, who looks to the future by bringing the best of the past to life.

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