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1917 – A Russian Passion

The Russian Revolution as has never been told before

At the end of December 1916, Rasputin had issued this warning to Tsar Nicolas II: “Not one member of your family will live longer than two years. The Russian people will kill them.”

In 1917 – A Russian Passion, Max Gallo brings us back to this astounding revolution that was grounded in the despair of those starving and violated by autocratic tsarist power.

During these heated days, Max Gallo conveys to us in a stunning tale, La Marseillaise was sung. Little by little, however, the cold and calculating portrait of Lenin emerges behind the promises made to the people: the implacable inspiration of a “dictator of the proletariat” that Stalin will use to his own advantage by installing one of the bloodiest totalitarian regimes that humanity has ever seen.

“A century after the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, its consequences still weigh on the fate of Russia and on the rest of the world. To understand the contemporary world, we must relive these destinies that were burned alive by the flames of hope and illusions.”
Max Gallo


“His story is epic and confirms that, in order to know our present, we must know our past.”
Marina Kacan, Télé Loisirs


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