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Francis I

The renowned historian whose books consistently sell over 100,000 copies in France brings us a stunning new historical narrative. 25 January 1515. Francis I is crowned in St. Denis.

As early as the following September, in Marignano, he becomes a Knight-King, dubbed at his own request by Bayard. He relentlessly imposes his authority over his powerful neighbors – the English King Henry the VIII and especially Charles Quint who had forged the Holy- Roman Empire. By joining forces with Suleiman the Magnificent, who put the pirate Barbarossa at his service, he incorporates Far-East Asia into Europe. Francis I brings a passion for the arts back from Italy which allows the Renaissance to flourish under his reign. Patron of Leonardo da Vinci, who according to legend died in his arms, he commissions artwork from the most celebrated Italian painters. A builder king, he enlarges the empire while adorning it with architectural wonders – the Chateau de Chambord, Fontainebleau, the new constructions of the Louvre. Ultimately a visionary king, he expands the borders and builds the foundation for centralization. Modern France is soon be born.


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