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I, Charlemagne, Christian Emperor

The astonishing portrait of one of the « fathers of Europe » depicted through the eloquent writing of Max Gallo.

When the time came to place his soul into the hands of the Lord, Charlemagne felt neither fear, nor doubt, nor anxiety.  Throughout his forty-six years reign the King of the Francs, who was crowned Emperor in Rome on December 25, 800, had been a fervent defender of the Holy Church. He converted all the nations he conquered to its faith.

He carefully orchestrated his appearance in front of the Lord, confiding the principal acts of his life to Eginhard, a young and talented scholar.

Through this exchange Max Gallo reveals the extraordinary character, composed of authority and subtle intelligence, of the man who built the Christian Empire while setting the foundations of Europe.  He portrays a relentless conqueror, but also a refined reformer and a lover of arts, literature and women.

After his passing, the crumbling of the Empire served to reinforce his legend. His successes were a continued source of obsession for Napoleon.

A gripping story written in the first person that plunges the reader into the very origins of the Christian civilization.


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