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Genghis Khan
Volume 2 : The Conqueror

The mysterious and fascinating destiny of Genghis Khan, the man who ruled over the greatest empire to ever have existed, stretching from Northern China to the borders of Europe.

The conqueror Genghis Khan (circa 1165-1227) ruled over the greatest territory in all of history. Through sweat and sacrifice that left millions of bodies behind, this Mongolian built an immense empire. And yet he was only a nomad.

José Frèches aspires to show us the intimate side of Genghis Khan, beyond just the merciless warrior he was. He conveys his fractures, his intuitions, his paranoia, his fascination for China, his immoderate desire for women, the love he felt for Borta, his principal wife, but above all his dreams, dreams from which all hopes and desires emerge and without which no human being is able to excel.

Throughout this extraordinary saga readers will also discover how little things have changed over the past eight hundred years: globalization, East-West trade, culture shock, the desire for a better life…

This Mongolian nomad reigned over a territory even greater than that of Alexander the Great.  A history of flesh and blood in which the violence of the tyrant is intertwined with wild and passionate love stories….


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