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The Silk Empress
Volume 3 : The Usurpator

On the fabulous Silk Route, the outcome of a unique adventure.

Adored by thousands of pilgrims as the reincarnation of a mythical couple, the young Celestial Twins brought back to China through the Silk Route are now cherished by the Empress — they call “Aunt Wu” —, who looks after them as soon as the affairs of State and her erotic extravagances leave her enough time to.

Many adventures are still to come in this volume that ends an amazingly rich trilogy. Because she refuses to confess where are the priceless “Buddha’s Eyes”, the young Christian girl Umara is confined by the leader of the Chinese Buddhism. The beautiful Chinese girl Moon of Jade was kidnapped and sold as a concubine to a sultan.

One day, thanks to the magical Silk Route, all the roads will cross around Wuzhao at the Chinese Court. That very day, the Empress will triumph and all the heroes will finally be freed from their fetters to openly live their love or faith…


Foreign versions

Sold in 14 languages

  • Denmark: Borgens
    Germany: Verlagsgruppe Random House
    Greece: Kedros
    Hungary: Geopen Kiado
  • Italy: Cairo Editore
    Japan: Random House Kodansha
    Latvia: Atena Publishers
    Korea: Yeobaek Media Co.
  • Poland: Albatros
    Portugal: Bertrand Editora
    Romania: Editura Allfa
    Russia: Arabesque
  • Spain: Ediciones Martinez Roca
    Turkey: Globus Dunya Yayinevi

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