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Jesus, the Man who was God

All Max Gallo’s powers of bringing a story and all its subleties to life were needed to tell the tale of one of the greatest mysteries of the world: Jesus, man or God, God and man…

On Mount Golgotha, at the foot of the cross, Flavius, Roman centurion in charge of carrying out the sentence, watches Jesus of Nazareth die in silence. He can hear cries of hatred, mockery all around him, as well as prayers and tears being shed.

And when the convict finally dies, and lightning splits the sky, a question begins to gnaw at him: what if this man really was the son of God?

Charged by Pontius Pilate with the care of the “eleven madmen and handful of women” who call themselves the disciples of Jesus, Flavius embarks on path following the footsteps of the man who was God, taking us with him on the brief but intense journey that were his thirty three years on this Earth.

An exceptional tale, reserved yet inquisitive, and full of real emotion.

“Whatever unexpected events the future holds, nothing can surpass Jesus. His religion will become younger and younger; his legend will bring us to tears, over and over; his suffering will move the kindest hearts; centuries of humanity will claim that among all sons of men, none was born greater than Jesus.” Ernest Renan


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