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French Revolution
Complete Edition

Ten Years of Passion, Fever and Terror

With French Revolution we experience the events from the inside.

Much differently than in our childhood schoolbooks; a groundbreaking and founding narrative about one of the major shakeups in our History where everyone – people, philosophers, bourgeois, clergy, nobles, king – will be swept away in the violent storm.

1774. Cheered on, a young king takes the throne. “Louis XVI, they write in the papers, seems to promise the nation the most gentle and prosperous reign.” Fifteen years later, confronted with a starving population that is trodden by taxes, Voltaire, Mirabeau, Danton, Marat, Robespierre make a call for justice, freedom, action and revolt if necessary….

January 21, 1793. Louis XVI, King of France, climbs up the scaffold. This spilling of royal blood makes all compromise impossible. The Convention calls to the nation “Take arms, citizens!” But soon after terror reigns. The blood spill becomes a river that engulfs everyone in its fury. Until a general calls for the return to order. His name is Bonaparte…

A grand narrative by Max Gallo.


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