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Five Years that will Change the World

Will the end of the world come about in 2012, as predicted by the Mayas?

No, assures us Elizabeth Teissier. However, 2012 will without a doubt be a pivotal year, the start of an era filled with upheaval.

In this new book, she reveals the major tendencies of the planetary cycles from 2012 to 2016: the world as we know it will, in the next five years, experience turmoil and major shifts, caused by the dissonance in the union of Uranus and Pluto. The two planets are reunited for the first time since 1960 and are generating important changes.

The Earth is facing some serious threats, both natural and manmade, reason enough to fear for her future. In the looming cosmic cleanup, it is up to us, with the help of a generous Neptune, to reset the clocks and save our beautiful blue planet.

Anticipating this will allow us to prepare ourselves for it: we are not all equal under the gaze of the stars. Elizabeth Teissier goes over the attributes and weaknesses of every country most affected by the winds of change blowing across the world. She then delivers, sign by sign and year by year, everything each of us needs to know in order to fully prepare for and experience both the favorable moments in our lives, as well as the more perilous periods.

… To find out more about what the stars hold for you and for your loved ones, have a look at Elizabeth’s website (in French, with an introduction in English and German).

Elisabeth Teissier earned a PhD in sociology at the Sorbonne. After modeling for Chanel, she rapidly began working with astrology. The talks she gives throughout the world as well as her books, which are translated into 15 languages) make her the most famous astrologist in Europe.

Gerhard Hynek is a journalist, as well as a screenplay writer, and passionate about astrology.


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