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Many people dream about forgetting the past. Cyrille, on the other hand, would love to remember… What happened during the ten years that are just a black hole to her?

Cyrille Blake is a brilliant neuropsychiatrist, specialising in troubles of the soul. She meets a new patient, Julien Daumas. A seductive, obsessive, impulsive man, and Cyrille is worried by the way he looks at her. He calls her by her first name right away, tells her he preferred when she was blond. Cyrille is convinced she has never before laid eyes on him, but after going through her files, she realises she treated him after her medical internship. Why can she not remember?

Unsettled, Cyrille searches her past and discovers the unthinkable: she has forgotten entire stretches of her life. She cannot understand what is happening to her. Especially since unusual events seem to multiply around her. Constantly followed, tracked all the way to her front door, Cyrille thinks she is slowly going insane! She must get her memory back at all costs. Except that there are certain cases where it is better to never remember, and forgetting is the only way to go on living.

An invasion of the cogs of the mind, a subtle and brilliantly paced psychological thriller, a captivating debut novel which explores the fascinating ins and outs of the brain.


“The universe created by Elena Sender, as well as the rhythm with which she renders it, are originality itself. Abandoning you just as the killer brandishes the knife is what Sender does best. This collection of frustrations make for a great thriller, which takes the reader on a ride until the very last page”
Le Figaro Magazine


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  • Germany: Piper verlag
    Poland: Albatros
    Russia / Ukraine: Ripol

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