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Deep-Sea Terror

A lock-up on the edge of asphyxia

Off the coast of Marseille, the body of a young woman is found in the nets of a trawler. She is completely naked, covered with bites and her left foot has been severed.

For Chloé Latour, head of the Crime unit, it is the beginning of a relentless chase that will take her into the shadowy world of professional divers and shipwreck hunters – specialists who dive to the bottomless depths and confront the worst dangers.

Jean Sardi is one of the best among these divers : a technical diving whizz. He knew the victim intimately and could well have a motive linked to the terrible secret that has made him seek refuge in the silence of the sea depths.

Domestic murder or crazed ritual? The presence in the victim’s lungs of plankton unknown in Mediterranean waters intrigues the Crime unit detectives.

As the mystery thickens, other bodies float to the surface, sewing terror among the deep-sea divers.

In the perpetual night of the ocean dephts, all that remains is fear…

A claustrophic setting that borders on asphyxia 
A fast-paced intrigue set in the mysterious world of deep-sea diving


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