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Sacrifice Manor

A new Inspector Grimm investigation

A Neanderthal skull on a chest in the entry of the manor. On the floor in front of it… the body of a dead man looking like he’s praying. His forehead is fractured and one of his eyes has been ripped out. His wife has disappeared and there are signs of a struggle, indicating that she was probably kidnapped.

Inspector Grimm and his team have never imagined that they would be confronted with such a horrifying crime scene. All the more since the scene is repeted… and the days pass by, synonymous with anguish. With no leads or suspects! A cop’s worst nightmare.

If the kidnapped women were killed, where are the bodies? If they are alive, where are they being held?

Grimm knows that if he doesn’t move fast another man will be murdered, and another woman kidnapped.

A gripping thriller with an old-fashioned feel
An out-of-the-mood cop


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