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Like Yesterday

An original puzzle of daunting complexity

On 13 August 2017, Jiao Keming, a computer technology teacher at the Nanming high school, his wife and their fiveyear-old son – who suffers from a congenital illness – are murdered in their apartment.

Charged with the enquiry, the incorruptible Ye Xiao is assisted by Sheng Xia, one of the victim’s pupils. Seventeen years old, red hair, a Thai box expert and formidable hacker… Suffering from a terminal brain tumour, she has vowed to avenge her teacher – with whom she had developed, before his death, a revolutionary virtual reality app called “Like yesterday”.

Thanks to this new technology that enables people to dive back into their own memories and to explore other people’s ones, the righters of wrongs will uncover two cold cases. In this gripping thriller that navigates between reality and the virtual world, the characters are like so many pieces of a puzzle that fit neatly together until, in the final resolution, the complete picture is revealed.

The unlikely but very likeable duo of avenging angels represent a glimmer of hope in this dark picture of 21st century Chinese society that teems with violence and unbridled capitalism – with all its catastrophic consequences on the environment and humanity – and the ubiquitous presence of new communication technologies…

A fast-paced thriller in the vein of «Black Mirror» series
A striking portrait of today’s China
The new bestselling novel of “The Chinese Stephen King”


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