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The 5/5
Volume 1

When five teenagers unite against injustice.

Far is 16 years old, she is a gifted young woman torn between two cultures.
Merlin and Titus, twins, have dropped out of school. They are 17 and instability is part of their everyday life.
Tom, 13 years old, acrobat, solitary and rebellious, lacks for nothing except his father’s esteem.
John, the youngest at 12 years of age, is a boy born into a girl’s body, pampered by his parents but misunderstood by the rest of the world.

They all have something to prove, a wound to heal. They will come together thanks their shared passion, street sports, and they will engage in the same quest: justice.

Tom’s older brother, Lip, will give them the opportunity to fight for it. Appalled by the cynicism of his father, whose wealth grows at the expense of the poor, he decides to transform the 5/5 into a clan and progressively transforms them into Robin Hoods of the city.

Soon the five teens are going make life difficult for all unscrupulous profiteers…without the slightest suspicion of the dangers that await them…

Adventures, thrills, suspense

Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf are the authors of the successful Oksa Pollock series. In this new fast-paced series they touch on themes that are dear to them: identity, tolerance, fraternity and relationships with others.


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