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Theodore Boone
Volume 4 : The Activist

Theodore Boone trapped in the web of unscrupulous politicians

In the quiet county of Strattenburg, citizens are troubled by the news of the construction of a new highway. Theo’s middle school, the woods where he goes camping and one of his friend’s farms will all be destroyed if the project is carried out. When Theo finds out that corrupt and greedy politicians are mixed up in the project, there’s no holding him back. Yet the battle between a 13-year-old lawyer’s apprentice and a group of fearless adults seems a little off-balance.

A major challenge awaits Theodore Boone: he’ll have to take huge risks to unveil the scandal…

With Theodore Boone, John Grisham, the incon­tested master of judi­cial crime fic­tion, author of The Firm and The Pelican Affair, draws a new gen­er­a­tion of readers into the world of his young hero in an inter­na­tion­ally renowned series.


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