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The 5/5
Volume 2 : Tumult

For the 5/5 the time of unrest has arrived…

In the dismal heat of summer, the bonds between the street sport aficionados Titus, Far, Merlin, Tom and John have become stronger as they have gotten to know each other better. Each of them finds himself amid his own personal torments. John, in particular, is worried. Puberty is approaching, and his body too, the girl that he does not want to be is becoming more and more apparent.

At the same time, they all want to continue their fight against the corrupt in this world. Then, the mentor of the group, Tom’s bother Lip, proposes a new Robin Hood operation. This time, however, everything doesn’t go as planned. Within the group, treason has brought suspicion and it fractures their exquisite unity.

Will the 5/5 be able to overcome this ordeal?
Will their friendship survive its first tumult?

Adventures, thrills, suspense


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