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Volume 3 : Battle for Earth

This time, Tugdual, Zoé and Mortimer are going to use all their powers to annihilate the Conquerors.

The challenge? To save humanity…a thrilling finale.

Underground at the Denver airport, the Cobb’s, Tugdual, Zoé and Mortimer are received by Robert Fowler, a great leader of the Order, who reveals a truth that has been concealed for over sixty years: some governments are in direct contact with beings from another planet.

But these beings are divided. On one side, the brainy and brutal Conquerors who aim to colonize the Earth in defiance of the humans; on the other side, the Cooperators, who wish to return to their planet after regaining the faculties they have lost.

In this fight to the death, Tugudal, Zoé and Mortimer have the power to tip the scales in favor of the Cooperators…

They thus engage in a merciless fight to annihilate the Conquerors.  Once Oksa joins them they will do anything to deliver a fatal blow to those who wanted to jeopardize the Earth and Edefia…


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