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Volume 1 : The Black Hearts

Just shy of 18, Tudgual’s family is not exactly like other families. Like him, they all have magical powers. Abakum, his grandfather, Mortimer, his 17-year-old brother and Zoe, his 16-year-old sister and Tugdual are the only four who were not able to go back to Edefia, Oksa Pollock’s Promised Land.

Now stuck in our world, they must hide their powers. But that is not all: another secret weighs heavily on their hearts. In spite of themselves, they are irresistibly attractive to others. What’s worse, this attraction is lethal to anyone experiencing it.

To soothe and distract themselves, they spend all of their time on their increasingly successful pop rock band “The No-Body”. Music allows them to be appreciated for something they do and not for the evil within them. But as soon as love comes into play, things become dangerously complicated.


“Their new fantasy series is written for young adults and those who love spooky romance and the frightening supernatural.”
Je Bouquine

“A dark hero that young readers should love.”
Le Parisien


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