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Volume 2 : Servants of the Order

The worse thing that could happen to them is to fall in love.

A thrilling second volume of the Tugdual series, a new creation from the authors of Oksa Pollock. On each page a dark and unexpected danger awaits these fascinating heroes of a new genre.

Since they settled in Serendipity, a small town in the southern United States, the Cobbs have done everything possible to seem like an ordinary family. In spite of the pain at having lost one of their own, Tugdual, Zoe and Mortimer have managed rather well to dissimulate their powers.

To control the irresistible and evil attraction that they provoke on others the three teens make a deal with the ultra-secret organization of the Germinal Hand. However, while they pursue their vigilante missions for the organization, they discover that there are a lot more members than they had originally thought. This invisible omnipresence seems to be surrounding them. Who should they trust? What is the real purpose of the organization? And above all: will Tugdual, Zoe and Mortimer be able to protect the ones they love?

Contrary to what they think, their deadly powers are perhaps not the most serious threat to their loved ones.


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