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The Gates of Louviers

Myrielle Marc delivers a magnificently constructed novel, about a woman rebuilding her life after a breakup, about solitude, freedom and hope…

Pauline has children, and as of this morning, she is left alone with their care. Her companion is gone, after declaring that he is free, like everyone else, he has the right to be happy, just like everyone else, and anyway, Pauline isn’t worth staying around for.
However, Pauline has never felt so free. « I remember very well that first morning, and happiness overcame me as soon as I opened my eyes. Wild happiness, making me want to sing, thank everyone around me, even the cat, making me dance with joy on the carpet. He was gone ! Finally, thank God, the madman, the ennemy is gone, and his hate went with him… I won’t have to live in fear, always asking myself, was this the worse he could come up with or was there still worse to come ? Everything that had hidden, shrivelled in me in these bad winds, could finally come back to life. »
But what to do about all these mouths to feed ? How can you find yourself when you have to take care of confused and disorientated children ? How to conquer back happiness when a man has told you that you are not worth it ?
Despite her courage, sense of humour, and complete indifference to what people will think and say,
Pauline finds herself in trouble. Will she get herself out of it, and at what price ?


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