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Volume 2 : Tristan

A family from a bygone age in an ancient house, caravans that appear out of the blue, a small black suitcase, a piano in search of an identity, and the story of a great love affair. And reigning over it all, obstinate, regal and proud, the song of Orfenor.

The worst of the storm seems to have passed for the inhabitants of Blajan. Natalène has come back, she and Tristan love each other openly, and only the old aunts are still surprised.

But have the shadows really disappeared from her world ? Has the Copt lost his power? And what has become of Vanik, the brute to whom Natalène was married off?

Perhaps the danger comes from Natalène herself, for she will not be able to ignore forever the part of herself that longs for the road. And Tristan knows it. She dreams of seeing the Yémaches again – the mystical bohemians who have chosen a life of poverty and poetry… and who live « on the road » in ancient caravans, in the area around North Point, a stretch of dunes in Holland. They believe that the wind is mad there : that it surges in through a rent in the sky in search of men of strong and tender heart, and then calls to them, for years if need be, until they come.

The wind of Orfenor lies dormant within Tristan et Natalène, following, tracking, pursuing. But if one day that wind starts to blow, no one can tell where it might lead them.


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